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Project Code:SRY9

Maslak 1453 Agaoglu Istanbul

With its construction area of 2 million m2, the largest living complex in Europe, Maslak 1453 is a brand new neighborhood in the heart of Istanbul with its r

Project Code: SRY9 Delivery :completed Starts From: 150.000 $

Project Code:KOY4

The residence concept, a luxurious residential concept of the world-famous brand, offers the harmony of traditional and elite lifestyle to those who closely follow the changing world. Residences offering different options ranging from 1 to 5 rooms

Project Code: KOY4 Delivery :completed Starts From: 157,000 $

Project Code:BS11

Istanbul's main transport options are the E-5 and TEM highways, the high location value provided by the metro and close to Ataturk Airport; It offers high-income potential to those investing in this prestigious mixed project of residential, of

Project Code: BS11 Delivery :completed Starts From: 160.000 $

Project Code:SIS3

With up to 40% price increases expected before completion in şişli-bomonti advantage

Hearth of the istanbul , The city is under your feets. If you are an investor look

Project Code: SIS3 Delivery :Seb 2018 Starts From: 175,000 $

Project Code:Z001


These superb apartments are found facing the sea in a luxury location within Istanbul, located at Zeytinburnu within the city.  The project is one of the best in Istanbul is consists of 3 blocks totaling

Project Code: Z001 Delivery :completed Starts From: 175.000 $

Project Code:SIS1

60 months in equal monthly PRELAUNCH installments payment plan in heart of ISTANBUL

Constructed over an area of 170,00

Project Code: SIS1 Delivery :completed Starts From: 175.000 $

Project Code:UMR5

Special gold opportunities for the pre- launch prices, you win the most

Forbes Magazine published a d

Project Code: UMR5 Delivery :JAN 2019 Starts From: 180,000 $

Project Code:B006

Everything you need for a healthy life in this project is under your feet ... You will be able to savor fresh and organic fruit in the fruit gardens where you can contribute to your production.
You will not need to get away from Project to

Project Code: B006 Delivery :completed Starts From: 180,000 $

Project Code:KGT1


The mechanical cost of the aeronautical line to be connected to the Seyrantepe Metro line will be 7.5 million Euros, while the total cost w

Project Code: KGT1 Delivery :completed Starts From: 185,000 $

Project Code: K003


If you are looking to luxury life in Turkey, This project  offers  great option not only for living but also for big investment advantages with begi

Project Code: K003 Delivery :completed Starts From: 195,000 $