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Project Code:YLV8

This is the rare beauty of cherry blossoms which opens its flowers for a very short time in the spring, symbolizes the beauty of life in Japanese culture. Sakura represents new beginnings as it is also the herald of spring.     &nbs

Project Code: YLV8 Delivery :COMPLETED Starts From: 100.000 $

Project Code:YLV10

In recent years, Yalova, the region of increasing surplus, has been the outlook of investors. In particular, new projects are rising in the region where the Arabs show great interest. This project, which was started to be built in Yalova, is passe

Project Code: YLV10 Delivery :COMPLETED Starts From: 100.000 $

Project Code:BDR25

You can take a walk in the parking spaces in the shadow of the sea lighthouse, cool off in pools that all villagers can use, play sports in the fitness center, work in the playroom while your children are entertained in the playground or children&

Project Code: BDR25 Delivery :COMPLETED Starts From: 100.000 $

Project Code:K004

Küçükçekmece Homes , prelaunch advantage prices

Project Code: K004 Delivery :JAN 2019 Starts From: 110,000 $

Project Code:ARE24

Suitable for small Families , Küçükçekmece is also a great location for social life. The district started to draw many visitors all around the city thanks to its easily reachable position and near Atatürk airport , sho

Project Code: ARE24 Delivery :SEP 2019 Starts From: 110,000 $

Project Code:BS10

Located just 200 metres away from the nearest Metro connecting you across the city and within Basin Ekspres Media Highway, inside, the project offer Special facilities for you from the world’s leading brand 5-star hotel.There are great

Project Code: BS10 Delivery :completed Starts From: 110,000 $

Project Code:AV07

Project Code: AV07 Delivery :completed Starts From: 110,000 $

Project Code:ANT04

With its modern, stylish, state-of-the-art technology and convenient interior design, this project is planned as an ideal living center rather than a stereotyped "home" concept, as it presents the panoramic views of Konyaalti as well as

Project Code: ANT04 Delivery :COMPLETED Starts From: 110.000 $

Project Code:YLV3

This project is rising in the thermal region of Yalova. This project is used in the social areas of the progeny of the world famous thermal hot water. There are 54 duplex apartments in the project. Every apartment has the same characteristics and

Project Code: YLV3 Delivery :COMPLETED Starts From: 110.000 $

Project Code:YLV12

This project, which is launched with the slogan "Yalova's prestige project", draws attention with its aesthetic and artistic architecture. Targeting to appeal to Yalova's elite families, the project has features such as covered p

Project Code: YLV12 Delivery :COMPLETED Starts From: 110.000 $